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I feel architecture is about people more than the built form. The built form means nothing without its users. Only a thorough understanding of the end user and their needs will ensure that a space is created where the user experiences complete freedom. Our architecture is based on the simple realisation that we are not the end user. It puts additional responsibilty on us to first understand the users’ requirements and then fulfill it to the best of our abilities. For us Architecture is not a business. Architecture is a responsibility. An opportunity to interact with and serve different people. This forms the basis of all our designs.
— Joseph Chandy


We have provided design services for:

Please view our portfolio to see some samples. View more about the Architectural Services process.


Interiors basically enhances and accentuates spaces and makes them functional. Interior design has to be highly personalized reflecting the character and personality of the client and the function it caters to. Interaction with the client is where we draw our inspiration from. View more about interior design process.


Preparation of master plans for land development / villa projects which include the following: