Compact Designs

We are firm believers in the concept of maximizing space utility. Compact designs cater to this concept. All spaces created should be totally functional. In this era of rising costs and market instability, spaces have to be carefully designed avoiding even an inch of wastage. Over the years, we have worked on several iterations and have plenty of great ideas that maximize space usage.

Residence of Kunjan at Panampilly Nagar

The idea of designing for a celebrity couple was pretty challenging especially because both of them are attached to creative fields. Their creative sensibilities were sharp. I learnt lessons in humility from Kunjettan and Shobha aunty. Kunjettan was the energy behind the project. He was very clear about what he wanted. Also was ready to go to any depths to achieve the finish he wanted. Market research was something we delved into in quite detail. The concept is of a typical English villa – ‘Steeply sloped gable roofs and shingled walls’ . We have used stone texture tiles in bits on the exterior to give a rustic feel to the elevation. Internal skylight provided above the stairway throws light into the dining room from where it penetrates into the rooms around. Small glass paintings are combined with the wood in the stair handrails, doors and windows to add colour to the interiors. The ceiling of the living and dining have wooden beams running across to give a cozy feel. Warm light features have been used in the Drawing room.

Residence at Kaloor

This is a project in which we have been involved completely from the start to end – ‘ From architectural design to Construction management to Interiors and Furniture design ‘. Everything has flowed through us and it has been a very satisfying journey. We had a great client who has a penchant for quality and didn’t compromise at any stage. In this project, there were 2 end users as there was a rental portion planned alongwith the main unit. So we had to make sure both the users needs were met without compromising on each others privacy. There is priority for light and air with basic concepts of vasthu being integrated.

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