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Urban & Regional Planning Design Services was founded in 1995 by late Sri.K.Joseph Alexander. Joseph Alexander was a Senior Town Planner for the Development Authorities of Kerala and he started practising in 1969 and has developed several landmark buildings throughout Kerala. His son, Joseph Chandy, who is currently the Chief Architect, officially joined in 1997 and has gained invaluable knowledge and experience over the 12+ years they worked together. Joseph Chandy often remarks that his apprenticeship and experience has given him vast and richer knowledge than any educational institution can impart. St. George Cathedral in Calicut designed in 1970
St. George Cathedral, Calicut designed by Joseph Alexander in 1969.


Joseph Chandy – B.Arch M.I.T. Manipal
We have a competent team of Architects, designers, draftsmen and visualizers with plenty of experience and committed to the values of our firm.


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