Architectural Services

Architectural Services Overview

  1. Initial discussion with the client to understand the scope of work and the client needs.
  2. Initial site visit to assess the constraints and design possibilities of the site.
  3. Basic design proposal with 2d plans.
  4. Detailed discussion with the client based on the prepared plans.
  5. Finalisation of Design proposal.
  6. Preparation of estimates based on the final proposal.
  7. Earth cutting and leveling details, back filling to fix the basement floor levels of the building, retaining wall details.
  8. Preparation of Muncipal drawings and detailed working drawings for purpose of execution of work on site.
  9. Parking area details.
  10. Preparation of bill of quantities.
  11. Preparation of construction time schedule/bar charts.
  12. Completion drawings.
  13. Periodical supervision.
  14. Selection of interior finishes, tiles and materials in consultation with the client.
  15. Assist the client in taking quotes from the contractor and fixing contractor wherever necessary.
  16. 3 dimensional views.

Our stress is on educating the client on the various aspects of design and to work along with them to create spaces that are personalied.

We have provided design services for Individual villas, Resorts, Business hotel, Commercial complex, Churches, School, Old Age Home, Adoption centre, Low intensity apartments, Education institutions.

We are the official Architectural consultants for St.Marys College, Sulthan Bathery.