P.C. Kurian Nallu Kettu Design & Construction Management, Eroor

A project we executed completely from start to end.Here also we were provided complete freedom.The client wanted a large open type plan without too many demarcated rooms.Each room flows into the other connected centrally by an open to sky courtyard.There are 2 bedrooms with walls around for privacy with small windows into the courtyard.There is free flow of light and air through out the interiors.Front verandah with wooden charupadi was given for creating a relaxed traditional feel to the space.Since the interior spaces are open and large we used Black galaxy for the floor and white for walls and ceiling.

For the house warming the first question the clients mother asked me is how did you know Roopas mind so well.I consider it a fitting remark and a satisfying one for any architect.

Most of the decisions had to be taken by me on my own as the client was away.Leared decision making and coordination from this project.

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