Pambavilla Cottage Renovation, Alleppey

The existing cottage was part of a 30 cent plot along the river.When we visited the site the first time the residence and its surroundings where quite unorganized.Our task was to fuse the inside and outside into one whole.It was a private residence which had to be converted to a functional tourist cottage.Firstly we shifted the entrances to the bedrooms from the living room to a common back verandah and from this verandah we created an enclosed garden area where parents could leave their children to play without worrying about their safety.The rooms where small.We combined two rooms to create a large dining space which could be used for larger gatherings.We also created common wash areas and toilets for guests.Bedroom toilets where made large and provided with all modern amenities.

The front elevation was also given a lift by giving traditional sloped roofs on steel truss and rough granite pillars to accentuate this feeling .

[svgallery name=”Muthoot pambavilla”]