Soukya stands for holistic healing. So all that we designed had to have this as its main concept. We did about 10,000 sqft of Luxury rooms and around 12,000 sqft of Treatment area. The luxury rooms were designed with nature as the prime ingredient. Once you enter each room you are engulfed by the private gardens. The existing fruit trees in the gardens were retained as such and the rooms designed around them. There are uninterrupted views of nature from the bedroom and the toilets. Everything about the space created is nature oriented.The fence has been done in a combination of bamboo and rough granite stones to accentuate the natural feel.

The treatment areas are also designed in such a way that maximum interaction with nature is possible from each area. The concept of wholistic healing works around nature. The treatment rooms, consultation rooms, toilets, steam room all are arranged on both sides of a central passage that has a skylight to bring the sky in. Garden courts are provided into which the large windows of rooms open. The central passage ends in an open to sky pond with a trickling waterfall. Ladies and gents sections are separated by a niched partition wall .

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