Chacko Homes – Old Age Home, Alwaye

The Chacko Homes is an old age home we designed in Alwaye. The buildings are set in the midst of a rubber estate. In the first stage we built around 26 units in 2 floors and in the second stage around 36 units in 3 floors. The rooms are arranged around a courtyard with verandahs running all around the inside. This helps the inmates to have regular walks around the courtyard without having the fear of falling.

Each unit has a Living room, a Kitchenette, Bedroom with attached toilet and a back verandah for drying clothes. There are common amenities like a Doctor’s room, Play area, Laundry area, Guest Units and Mess Area. The guest units are given on daily rent to relatives of inmates who might be coming from far.

The externals are treated in exposed brick work to merge with the natural surroundings and the floors are treated in terracotta tiles which are healthy for old age and doesn’t slip.

[svgallery name=”Chacko homes”]

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