George Noornal – Residential Design, Calicut

A great architectural experience for us. Team work of client, Architect and contractor.

Great client who believes in giving the consultant complete freedom to be creative and a good communicator.He was the trigger who inspired me to work as hard as I did.Learned communication skills from him.

A wonderful contractor called Keshavettan.My first lessons in quality .Keshavettans apetite for quality is irrepressible.

Basic concept of a house around an open courtyard .Treatment is mainly traditional .

Exposed laterite work with pencil mortar joints.An external courtyard that is enclosed on 3 sides by rooms and in the front by the verandah.The view to the courtyard is across the front verandah.

Family room,dining room and Master bedroom has windows into the courtyard in the ground floor.Entertainment room and Bedrooms have windows into the courtyard in the first floor.

[svgallery name=”George noornal”]

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