Prasad Koshy – Residential Design, Kuttoor

A riverside project taken up in Kuttoor ,tiruvalla.Its a village setting with big trees and quite river flowing by.So we needed a clean house in a rustic village setting.The client was very clear about her requirements and it was a challenge giving her thoughts shape.There was a hundred year old Mango tree in the front.We designed our building with that as the starting point.Again a open to sky central court around which the rooms are arranged.Concrete pergola on the courtyard roof and mud effect on its walls creates a play of light and shade which adds depth to the rooms around.

The lady of the house was so systematic and had files of material indicating what she wanted.I learned the advantages of being systematic from her.

A large front verandah that stands out from the building was created to have a relaxing view of the river in front.

We also renovated a 100 yr old cowshed adjacent to the house and river and converted it into a reading area.

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